In this episode, we are continuing our mini series of interviews with new venue owners. Our last two episodes talked with ladies who had just reached the milestone of finishing their first year, but today we’re talking with a venue that’s just finished their second year. How have things changed and grown for her? And how are second year challenges different from first year hurdles? Well today’s interview is pretty amazing!

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Kristen and hear her story
  • How she get into starting a wedding venue
  • The timeline and process to get the venue started
  • Her background before weddings
  • How roles and responsibilities among owners and staff
  • When and how the venue starting hiring a staff
  • Their communications approach to couples
  • The biggest challenge the venue has faced
  • One thing they’ll never do again
  • What she wish she would have know in the beginning
  • How she would enhance her venue design if she could
  • New challenges the venue is facing in year 3 and forward
  • How they staff a wedding day
  • How they launched to book 100+ weddings in the first year
  • What is the most fulfilling part of running a venue
  • Advice Kristen would give to new venue owners

Kristin Binford Venue Consultant – new venue owners’ Facebook group and Masterclass
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Kristen Minter is Co-Owner and Co-Designer of The Farmhouse wedding venue in Montgomery, TX. The Farmhouse is a wedding venue that opened in January 2017. Since opening we have hosted over 375 weddings and have booked almost 550 wedding dates.

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