Today’s podcast is not only a topic I am really interested in learning more about, but I’ll be talking with someone who is such a great resource in the wedding venue world – Kristin Binford. From the first time I met Kristin, I knew that she was passionate not only about running a wedding venue, but for simply running a business. With systems, processes, and a great team in place at her venue, it’s freed her up to work ON her business instead of IN her business. That’s a phrase that so many of us have probably heard before and you might wonder if you’ll ever get there. But that’s what we’re talking about today – how to build a team and a business that works seamlessly and isn’t dependent on any one single person to survive.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Kristin and hear about her venue
  • Kristin’s role in the venue and how it’s evolved
  • Why building a team was important from the beginning
  • How to rely on a team member when you’re not available
  • The key team roles at Haue Valley
  • The biggest qualities to a successful team member
  • The value of a checklist for all team roles
  • The training process
  • Fostering a great environment where people want to work
  • What Kristin would have done differently earlier when building her team
  • Advice to venue’s starting to build a team

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Kristin Binford is Managing Partner and co-founder of Haue Valley, a well-loved and sought-after venue just west of St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to owning a venue, Kristin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, an MBA in Strategy, and spent more than a decade in corporate marketing leadership roles. Kristin is passionate about teaching and paying it forward. She coaches venues around the country on the strategies to own and run their own successful wedding and event venue.

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