Today’s show explores a topic that all venue owners and venue managers should consider, but I’m willing to bet that this might be an area where a lot of people haven’t put a lot of focus. Or at least not as much as they could. How much thought are you putting into trash? Or waste of any kind? That might include extra food, unwanted décor at the end of the night, using a lot of plastic serving pieces, having a recycling program, and so much more. Lauren Chumbley is my guest today and having weddings work towards zero-waste and creating sustainable events has become a passion of hers. She’s here today to educate us all on what we can be doing if we want our venues to become more sustainable and earth-friendly.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Lauren Chumbley [1:50]
  • How Lauren started her work for sustainable events [4:40]
  • What is a zero-waste event [6:16]
  • Are couples or vendors driving the more toward sustainable event [7:25]
  • What kind of costs are involved if venues want to invest sustainability [9:38]
  • What kind of training or set up needs to happen for staff [12:34]
  • What is done at the venue vs. a third-party service [14:05]
  • Who should a couple talk to first and at what point if they want to have sustainable practices [15:46]
  • How should venues position sustainable events to couples [16:55]
  • What is the biggest source of waste at a wedding [19:14]
  • What are the first steps someone can take to reduce waste [21:07]
  • Do DIY or high-end or other styles of weddings produce more waste than others [25:22]
  • The easiest first step to take [27:17]

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One Percent for the Planet – Donate 1% of your revenue to a sustainable cause

Lauren Chumbley was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Public Relations. She went on to earn her Certification in Meeting and Event Planning, studying everything from Weddings to Trade Shows and Conferences. Over the years, Lauren interned at Elite Weddings and worked at In Style Weddings and Destinations before starting Eclipse Event Co. with Kristi DePew in 2015. Lauren has been a member of Meeting Professionals International and Wedding Network USA. She is currently serving on the Board of the International Live Events Association and is an active member of the Junior League and Associated Wedding Planners of Austin.

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