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Your couples tend to want luxury, high-end weddings – both in budget and in mind set. (Remember that “luxury” isn’t just about a posh environment, it’s also about the experience.) Guests of a luxury couple will dress to impress and expect high levels of service and attention to detail. You appreciate that the couples rely exclusively on professional vendors, often from your recommended list who form your “dream team”. Because you know that makes your part in the day so much easier. The bride may be a perfectionist and have high standards, but she is confident in the partners she has selected. Therefore, she freely hands over control and trusts the outcome. She respects those who are working with her, and her flexible budget is willing to pay for exceptional service and peace of mind.



It looks like you are living the dream. Your venue is a well-oil machine that executes flawless weddings week after week and you’re viewed as the pinnacle of success. You exude confidence, although you many not always feel it and you still can’t help comparing your venue to others. You know your hard work has paid off the way you always envisioned, but you still have goals you want to accomplish. Your desire to always be a leader keeps you pushing for more. Your team can always be more polished, your systems more efficient, your marketing more compelling. While you’re running a very healthy business, you know there’s always something new to learn and grow.




You’re pretty happy with your couples, amiright? Really, they’re pretty great to work with for the most part. They’re usually rather relaxed and calm and are respectful of you and their other vendors. Their biggest goal of their wedding is to have a good time with their friends and family. But they still want to give them a good experience and have a thoughtful, memorable day for themselves. They’re not afraid to be unique to reflect their personality and might be ones to ask lots of questions. Not in a combative way however, but more inquisitively so that they are better educated about what’s possible or needs to be done. They have a moderate to healthy budget and never doubt that using fully professional vendors is the right way to plan a wedding.



It looks like you’re sitting pretty. You’ve finally got your venue to a point where you’re attracting more ideal clients and your calendar is booked pretty solid year after year. You know that you’re not quite “there” yet and want to find ways to increase your bookings, maybe raise your rates a little more, or book those brides a little further out. You’ve got good systems in place but aren’t opposed to know if there’s better, more efficient ways to doing things. You’re ready to grow a team or become a more effective manager. Better resources to figure out some of the bigger questions as you take your venue to the “next level” would be helpful. You’re looking to refine your definition of success and what that means to you and your family, but you still can’t help but wonder what other venues are doing in your area. You’re feeling good, but sometimes want the assurance that you’re on the best possible track.




Your couples tend to favor DIY weddings. Instead of relying on professional vendors, they recruit grandma to bake the cake, a cousin to act as planner, and a friend who fancies herself a photographer. The couple may be perfectly friendly and easy to work with, but they may question your policies and push boundaries if they start to cost them extra money. This couple is always looking for a deal and may be quick to ask for discounts. Many questions may come your want as they look to you as the expert. Their wedding planning process (and even the wedding day) may be unorganized and stressful as the bride realizes all that she’s taking on over the course of planning. Most of her questions are to educate herself on what to do and she will most likely be appreciative of your guidance, but she may slip into bridezilla on her wedding day if she becomes too overwhelmed. In this case, the wedding may lead you to update your contracts and policies.



It looks like you’re trying to be helpful and accommodate all types of weddings. Everyone has some kind of budget and who doesn’t deserve their dream wedding, right? But you may be questioning your policies as boundaries get pushed. You wonder if having friends and family work so much on the wedding is a nice thing to allow or if it causes you more liability. You’re dedicated and sympathetic to your couples, but it might be your Achilles heel. Although you’ve got a venue you love and it’s running well, you might be working harder and giving into more than you should allow. You wonder what others in your situation are doing with their venue and succumb to the comparison game. When you really dig into growing and leveling-up your business, you may get overwhelmed by mire advanced ideas of systems, automation, stricter contracts, and growing your team properly.




Deep down, you might have seen this coming, right? Your brides are high-maintenance and wear you out with their endless questions! The day of the wedding it only gets worse. The stress causes bridezilla to be disrespectful to both family and vendors. You’re treated as disposable staff and seem to only exist to cater to what the bride needs at any given moment. And those “extras” you throw in just be nice or hope to make her happier? You likely won’t appreciate them, which makes you feel resentful and frustrated. She’s a perfectionist but won’t release control to the professionals who could make her wedding easier. A bridezilla could have any kind of budget, but it could skew towards the lower side. No amount of profit that you make though is worth the headaches you have to endure. A bridezilla makes you question your value, change your contracts, and wish you had stronger policies in place. That you have the confidence to enforce.



It looks like you’re struggling. And you might readily admit it at this point! Overwhelm, self-doubt, and second guessing is part of your daily business routine. Your venue hosts beautiful weddings, but you wonder if there’s another way. Or another type of bride. You’re working so furiously but spinning your wheels, so you’re ready for someone to show you the way and do whatever it takes to get your venue set for better days. Many parts of your business could probably benefit from instituting better practices and being more knowledgeable, but some days you’re just not sure where to start.


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