Contract Guide for Wedding Venue Owners


Set clear terms and expectations with every couple!

Download our comprehensive contract guide that walks you through more than 30 contract clauses including initial deposits, payment terms, model releases, cancellation policies, insurance provisions, excluded services, and much more.

Written in easy-to-understand wording, this guide helps you understand the importance of every clause and gives you points to consider for how your venue’s unique business policies and procedures can be included.



Does your contract keep growing after every wedding?
Are you finding new scenarios you wish you had covered in your agreements?
Do you wondering if there are clauses you don’t even know should be included in your contracts?
Very few of us can claim to be lawyers, but we all want to make sure our venues and business are legally protected. We know the importance of contracts, but do you know if your contract is as solid as it can be? A good start would be knowing what to include. A guide book of sorts.
Good news – that’s exactly what our Contract Guide for Wedding Venue Owners provides!
This comprehensive contract guide will walk you through more than 30 contract clauses and will help ensure your contracts are complete, professional, and organized. Aside from explaining the importance of each section, the open-ended questions allow each venue owner to think further about what details to include in their rental agreements. This guide shows the exact clauses that we have used in our contracts and why.
Please note this is not a word-for-word template of the legal clauses you should use in your contract. There are specific state and local provisions that may need to be included in your contract that are best drafted by an attorney. This guide covers the types of clauses you should include along with the reasoning for having them. After reading this guide, you will better understand the importance of every clause and have the opportunity to customize the sections to best reflect your venue’s business policies.
From basic rental terms to cancellation policies and more, make sure your contract is a robust document that sets clear expectations with every couple!

Clauses Covered Include:
Initial Agreement
Reservations and Payments
Cancellations and Refunds
Model Releases
Venue Policies
And More…