Welcome to the Aisle Files Podcast! I’m so happy you found us, and I hope you stick around to listen to our upcoming episodes and explore our community. But first, you might be wondering what we’re all about…

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The Aisle Files is a podcast for wedding venue owners who want to foster a community network of like-minded industry peers. Hosted by Kelly Ewell, the show features owner interviews, best practices, lessons learned, and industry-focused business strategies. With a combination of practical ready-to-use advice and inspirational stories, each episode provides a discussion on the business of running a profitable, popular, and fulfilling wedding venue.

Whether you’re a seasoned owner or just opening a venue, we welcome venues big and small to grow, learn, and support together.

To give you a little background, I’m Kelly Ewell – your host of the Aisle Files Podcast! I own 48 Fields Farm, located in the heart of northern Virginia wine country, and our flagship space is a renovated, dual-level white barn.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Although my husband and I never set out to own a wedding venue, our past years of experience with corporate event planning and wedding photography guided us to purchase our venue. As a photographer, I learned about client service, dealing with high-stress situations, planning timelines, developing vendor relations, and building and growing a business. As a venue owner, I’ve added first-hand experience with zoning laws, building code, renovation and construction, insurance, and a whole other aspect of developing vendor relations.

Yes, we did start with some familiarity and knowledge of the wedding industry, but we’ve built, renovated, networked, laughed, cried, and grown our way to success as venue owners. We took a run down barn with no windows, no power, and no financial help and turned it into an elegant, in-demand space that sells out every year. All while hustling full time jobs.

If you’re a venue owner like me, then you have probably noticed that there are hardly any resources designed specifically to help or connect our community. If you are lucky enough to find something, it’s most likely not created by someone who actually owns a venue themselves.

I’ve also found that venue owners don’t seem to connect very much with each other. I know, however, that this isn’t for lack of desire! I’ve spoken with many owners around the country who really do crave a network of like-minded peers who are facing the same challenges and questions that they have. They are seeking an outlet to find their tribe and form a community of shared experiences. I figured it I couldn’t find what I was looking for, then I might as well be the one to try to create it!

In the spirit of connecting with others, hop over to our Aisle Files Podcast Facebook Community where you can join the conversation, ask questions, and connect with people who get what it’s like to be a wedding venue owner.

When we were starting our venue, we had recommended caterers and vendors that we knew from previous work with weddings. We had such good experiences that we took it for granted that not all caterers would be as good of a fit. After a couple of weddings where clear expectations weren’t set (because they were just assumed), we quickly learned that we had to state what was required of any caterer working at our venue. We developed a document we call our Catering Service Requirements, and we send it to all couples after they book with us so they can share it with caterers when they book with them. Want a copy for your venue? Grab a copy below!

We’ll be celebrating our launch with a little something special for a few lucky venue owners! We’ll be giving away a curated “launch box” – the same one we’ll be sending to industry influencers – and you can get one too! We’ll also be giving away a copy of our Contract Guide, Email Templates, and Walk Through Questionnaire from our Venue Owner Shop. Enter below and we’ll announce the winners right after the launch of Season 1!

I want to build the Aisle Files community so that we can talk, listen, share, and find a way to thrive together. That’s my reason for starting the Aisle Files, and I hope you will join me!