You may remember back in Episode 4 a few weeks ago, we chatted with Natalie Seng of Designed Perfectly Events all about how planners see venues and what they look for on behalf of their clients. Today, I am excited to take that idea a little bit further and talk about what photographers think about venues!

Why does this matter to you? You may hear some ideas of simple things you can do to improve the appearance and presentation of your spaces. Most venue owners love to see images from photographers after the wedding day so that we can showcase all that we have to offer. Wouldn’t it be great if those photographers can better use our venues and settings to make us look even more amazing in those photos? Today’s guest, Marirosa Anderson from Photography by Marirosa, will share her thoughts on how to provide the best photography experience for the venue, photographer, and of course the couple!

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Marirosa Anderson [3:13]
  • Does where a couple gets married influence wedding photography? [9:29]
  • Is there a favorite type of venue that works best for photography? [10:56]
  • Are site visits really that important to see a new-to-you venue before a wedding day? [12:22]
  • What do you look at venues for that clients might not pay attention to? [13:54]
  • What makes a great photo location? [16:06]
  • What are good and bad things that venues do that affect photography? [18:18]
  • Who are a venue’s good decisions really benefiting? [23:10]
  • What kind of challenges do indoor ceremony spaces present? [25:46]
  • Where is an extra important spot to allow extra space? [26:42]
  • How certain elements of the ceremony determine aisle requirements [29:07]
  • What makes a good getting ready space for brides and grooms? [32:56]
  • Is it better to have multiple spaces or one big space for getting ready? [37:33]
  • What are simple things venues can do to improve the photography experience? [43:04]
  • What can a venue can add to their emergency kit? [44:52]
  • Why does a photographer choose to share (or not share) photos with a venue? [50:01]
  • Why is having your email address on your website important to the photographer? [52:28]

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Marirosa Anderson has been a wedding photographer with Photography by Marirosa for more than 12 years and has captured more than 250 weddings in that time. She is originally from Puerto Rico and is currently based in the DC Metro Area. With a degree in Marketing and Psychology, she has a passion for traveling, lots of coffee, and creating timeless connections for couples in love.

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