Today’s show is coming at you with a bride’s perspective on looking for venues! What stood out on tours, what kind of information was most important, and what can make or break a good first impression! My guest is Lauren Harbin, not only is she a wedding planner, but she’s also a very recent bride. With all her planning fresh in mind, she’s going to be a great resource to hear what it was like to book a venue.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Lauren and hear her story
  • Things bride’s are most surprised about when looking at venues
  • Types of informational materials the venues provide
  • The power of Google reviews and Instagram photos
  • Follow up to brides after tours
  • What makes a tour stand out and be extra special
  • Important things to showcase on a tour
  • All-inclusive pricing vs. a la carte pricing
  • Following up after tours
  • How long it took after a tour to make a decision
  • Things venues do that turn off couples
  • Factors that go into making the final venue decision

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Lauren Harbin is a Virginia based wedding planner with a background rooted in events and design. Before serving brides, Lauren was the Director of Special Events for James Madison University’s student programming board and a designer in JMU’s Office of Admissions. After a brief stint in corporate design, Lauren realized she missed the energy and fulfillment of the event industry. Weddings became a natural fit as it combines her love for working with people, design, and event management. Her favorite part of the wedding day is the cocktail hour, when the bride and groom are first feeling the high of being married!

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