As we dig into another episode, I’m wondering – what are you doing right now? Are you driving in the car? Listening as you answer emails or try to squeeze in a workout? Whatever it is, I’ll bet you’re multi-tasking. Because the fact is, we’re all busy all the time it seems. As an entrepreneur, we’re always giving our attention to something and we probably feel we work way harder than if we worked for someone else. But what if you had another full time job as you ran your venue? Or not even a traditional 9-5 job. It could be raising children, homeschooling, caring for others, or any other multi-passionate endeavor. As much as we’d all like to devote our sole focus to growing our business, many venue owners have other responsibilities or jobs they have to maintain. So how do you do it – work a job and run a venue?

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meet Chelsey and hear her story
  • Working the venue before it even opens
  • The benefits of having another full time job
  • To tell or not to tell couples about your other job
  • What other staff or assistance she has for the venue
  • What it looks like ot open a SECOND venue
  • How Chelsey keeps her schedule sane and efficient
  • The biggest challenge and surprises of running a venue
  • Advice to others who also have another full time job

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Chelsey Politte is co-owner of the Barn at Lone Eagle Landing outside of St. Louis, MO. Although she works closely with her family, Chelsey’s primary responsibilities occur behind the scenes. Whether it be the venue setup, website updates, accounting, or social media posts, Chelsey takes care of many of those backbone business items. Chelsey’s passion lies in the marketing end of the venue, building a quality family business reputation, and in her attention to detail. On top of that, she also maintains a full-time job as a teacher. And – at the time of this interview – was deep into planning her own wedding.

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